z – tips for Norm: Hidden page

Paragraph text/default black,   add  bold, italicize,


NEW Listing

    1. Title – h4
  1. PRICE $1,00   h4 + bold
  2. image, “Add media”  left align. size 100×100
  3. bullets == 5 lines needed beside image. (can be bullets and 2nd line of a bullet)

to underscore “univerally meanss hyperlink: note we have chosen NOT to italcize or underscore;  new sites just use the colour, you can  hyperlink any image or page, and write ANY text(*) for the hyperlink,   Free meeting at your home or office with a sexy guy

 Default set to LEFT justify, but in backend tools to center, right justify.

 can use other colours(*)  NOT recommended/against your brand colours


  1. Images, need to have text in “image gallery”. Google can’t read images; but it’s not the highest proritiy.
  2. NOTE: Using in footer, “Ontario Business  Broker,  good SEO/it appears on every page
  • Headline 1 (H1 for short)  Important for SEO, David selectively uses terms,
  • ie. Buy a Small Business in Ontario  on BUY A BUSINESS  page, Optimizing for “Buy small business” “small business in Ontario”
  • in the footer  (so it’s on EVERY page) “It’s Ontario Business Broker” as that’ on EVERY page. If you disagree, with “Small Business” – discuss with David post launch… or we can build a list of questions now… which means a SHORT face to face meeting Maureen/Norm.
  1. h1. Recomemnd Capitialize first letter except minor ones Testimonials and Reviews (NOTE: GLobe & Mail uses Sentence case, to Maureen’s eyes.. it still looks ‘weird’ online)
  2. H2-4  Recommend Sentence Case, usless required,   Unless Required, Norm Sobel, Ontario
  3. LIKELY NO NEED FOR UPPER CASE OR ALL LOWER CASE. exception.  And when you are on a page to update, like  Buy a business page  you can follow the template, it.
  4. H4 Captialize each word  “Not Your Ordinary Auto Repair Shop”   PRICE: $2,200,000

Defaults for headlines pre-set size/colours

headline 1 – dark blue & bold  i.e. Testimonials and Reviews

headline 2 – dark blue For all other headline/ Sentence case, Unless Required, Norm Sobel, Ontario

Headline 3  – dark blue

headline 4 – blue – e.g.

headline 5 – blue  — small than regular text. Buy a Small Business in Ontario

SIDEBAR (RIGHT HAND COLUMN.)  David’s using BLUE and Bold, and determing if italics for hyperlinks etc. and they have a differe

Add a quote (click  on “) – pre-programed for a grey box like

Norm’s the greater thing since sliced bread.

Susy Girl