Ontario Small Businesses Recently Sold

These Ontario small businesses were recently sold through our network.

  • “Go-To” Full-Service Restaurant
  • Pet Food Processing Business
  • Renowned Electrical Engineering Firm
  • Not Your Ordinary Auto Repair Shop
  • Safety Training Firm
  • Custom Auto Trim Shop
  • Overhead Door Specialist
  • Retail Tire Centre
  • Vehicle Relocation Service
  • Specialized Equipment Rental Centre
  • Wholesale Bakery
  • Full-Service Restaurant-Bar and Building
  • Textile Trim Shop
  • Unique Learning Centre
  • Architectural Landscaping Firm

Overview of each business sold as follows:

“Go-To” Full-Service Restaurant in a Rural town in Southwestern Ontario

Another Ontario small business soldSOLD!  This restaurant, established over 25 years ago, is located in the heart of a bustling small town in the rural Waterloo region of Southern Ontario. With a loyal following of local and visiting customers, the well-known establishment serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is busy at all hours. Consistently good food and excellent value are combined to ensure happy clientele and minimize the need for costly marketing campaigns. This thriving enterprise generates over $850,000 in annual revenues and sales have been increasing steadily for the last number of years. Sellers Discretionary Earnings (S.D.E.) exceed $200k per year.

Pet Food Processing Business – Central Ontario Business

Another Ontario small business soldSOLD! We are currently presenting a turnkey opportunity to own a truly natural and growing pet food business. Founded by dog lovers who couldn’t find healthy alternatives for their 4-legged loved ones, this business is primarily a “Real Food” processing facility that has thrived for over 22 years, producing consistent profitability even through difficult times. Growth has been steady in spite of pandemic-related lockdowns in the recent months. Loyal customers frequent their retail outlets from all around various surrounding regions in order to treat their dogs to quality meals made from local ingredients. Sound business practices through its history has resulted in top-rated kitchens, superior staffing and strong systems. This is an excellent opportunity to bring a small business with significant growth potential to new levels.

Renowned Electrical Engineering Firm – Southwestern Ontario

Another Ontario small business sold SOLD! Well-established engineering firm provides electrical infrastructure design to a number of large land development firms in Southwestern Ontario. Since its inception almost two decades ago, the company has been committed to providing quality electrical engineering services to its clients efficiently and cost-effectively. The company’s continuous growth can be attributed to this commitment to service, yielding repeat customers and a reputation for professionalism in the industry. The staff of engineers, technologists and support personnel provide the design services for a wide range of power distribution and outdoor lighting services for land developers, utility companies and municipalities. The clients are all over south/central Ontario, with a number of projects on the go in various municipalities. The business boasts an exceptionally strong order position ensuring continued revenue increases over the next number of years. This opportunity is ideally suited for individuals or firms currently involved in the engineering or real estate field.

Not Your Ordinary Auto Repair Shop

Another Ontario small business soldSOLD!  A highly profitable auto repair shop located has produced exceptionally high profits (average 26% EBITDA) consistently for over 20 years. This enterprise is currently available for sale because the owner would like to retire. By catering to owners of high-end German vehicles, the annual sales for the business are in excess of $2,300,000.With 15 bays, the shop’s 6 certified technicians and a manager and administrative assistant have drawn rave reviews from all of its satisfied clients by providing honest, reliable service to its wide and diverse customer base. The business’s well-developed procedures and practices ensure that margins are maintained and bottom-line profits exceed expectations. The company compares well with industry benchmarks for both productivity and net earnings. This is an ideal opportunity for either an established industry player or an entrepreneur with a desire to be an essential part of the automotive field.

Safety Training Firm – Southwestern Ontario

Another Ontario small business sold SOLD! This established service business provides safety training in a number of disciplines to Southern Ontario’s construction and related trades. The Ontario Ministry of Labour mandates that all tradesmen receive adequate training in “Working at Heights” and other construction-related topics. The Ministry fully approves this company of Labour’s Chief Prevention Office (CPO) to furnish this invaluable service. Its staff also conducts site inspections using their own inspection software as well as assists in developing health and safety policies and programs. The company was incorporated in the early 2000s and maintains classroom facilities in Southwestern Ontario and can be easily scaled to administer its services in Toronto and all other areas of the province. With continued attention to safety in the workplace and Ontario’s burgeoning construction industry and with an established brand, this business is poised to capitalize on enormous opportunities in the coming years.

Custom Auto Trim Shop – North Toronto

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! Established custom auto shop specializing in modernizing and restoring new and antique cars is available for purchase. A highly skilled and hard-working team has been restoring cars to its former glory with leather interiors, power sunroofs, specialty auto trim and convertible tops. The business generates stable cash flow through its loyal customer base, including great relationships with many dealers for over 50 years of successful and trustworthy operation. This is an excellent opportunity to get into the automotive field with minimal risk.

Overhead Door Specialist – East GTA

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! This prosperous specialty business focuses on the sales and service of overhead doors and loading docks. Founded over 34 years ago, the company has over 1,000 loyal commercial/industrial customers all over the G.T.A. and also serves some residential clients as well. No single account represents more than 10% of total sales. With 5 service vehicles and a qualified staff of 8 (plus owner), the business is well-positioned to capitalize on future growth potential in its field. Sales are approaching $1 million annually, with Seller’s Discretionary Earnings in excess of $250,000. Premises to hold ample inventory and equipment are located in a multi-tenant facility in suburban Toronto. This is ideal for either a stand-alone investment opportunity or to supplement an existing enterprise in the same field.

Retail Tire Centre –Toronto

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! The largest tire store in the city of Toronto is for sale. Established over 10 years ago, this tire and wheel outlet representing a number of top brands has grown dramatically to become the largest retailer in the city. Now doing over 50-80 vehicles per day (120 during peak periods), the company has become what it is today by focusing only on tires and wheels. The ownership’s attention to detail (in service and price) has resulted in an enterprise achieving annual sales above $7 million and is generating in excess of $550,000 in earnings (EBITDA). The existing 10,000 square foot facility with 5 bays is more than adequate to house future expansion of volume. This is an excellent opportunity for investors (as well as owner-operators) to achieve a high return on their investment.

Vehicle Relocation Service – home-based business in the GTA

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! Our client provides vehicle relocation (driveway service) that serves the Greater Toronto Area with timely delivery of automobiles from dealer-to-dealer, auction to the dealer, dealer to the customer and any other locations as specified by their clients.The business has shown strong, steady growth in the last 6 years, boasting an average Seller’s Discretionary Earnings of $150k per year on sales of $750k. Being home-based, margins are high; exceptionally low overheads and minimal working capital requirements. The company possesses all the necessary licenses, permits and insurance (including service plates) to operate anywhere in Canada or the United States. This is an outstanding opportunity to invest in an often-overlooked but important automotive industry segment.

Specialized Equipment Rental Centre – in the GTA

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! Our client has focused on the rental of specialized demolition equipment for over 28 years. Over the course of this time period, they have offered many items that are unique and developed to meet the specific need of their customers. The company enjoys a diverse customer base, serving both large and small users. Its unique ability to offer specially-engineered products has enabled stable and sizable margins on a consistent basis. As a result, the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings are high, offering an investor a respectable R.O.I. The business is easily scalable.

Wholesale Bakery – Scarborough

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! Well-established wholesale bakery with over 35 years of successful operation located in the heart of the growing Scarborough region that serves over 630,000 residents. The retiring owner has brought old Italian traditions and recipes to meet the market needs of bakery lovers. He sells to several major supermarket chains with over $600,000 in annual sales and is poised for major growth and prosperity.

Full-service Restaurant-bar and building – Eastern Ontario

Another Ontario small business sold
SOLD! Exceptional restaurant/bar housed in an historic building in the town centre of a bustling city located in Eastern Ontario. Established over 130 years ago, this thriving enterprise generates close to $1,000,000 in annual revenues and has been serving a loyal local clientele as well as hungry tourists for generations. The restaurant seats over 125, is licensed under the L.L.B.O., and includes a patio. Although currently serving a variety of popular-priced fare, the up-to-date kitchen can be adapted to any cuisine.  This restaurant is viewed as an “institution,” having consistently served a wide variety of tourists, students and local residents with popular meals for over 2 decades. Although there are a number of similar establishments in the area, none has superior location and setting in an historic building. This is an amazing opportunity for someone with interest in hospitality to live and work in idyllic surroundings. The building, which includes some residential units upstairs, is also available for sale.

Iconic building in Eastern Ontario:  Historic landmark in the centre of a scenic city in Eastern Ontario is available for sale. The building, which currently houses a moderately-priced popular restaurant as well as several residential premises on the upper level, is over 130 years old and was once a central station for the railway. The current major tenant has been successfully operating from the main level providing steady income to the building owner. The structure could also be easily converted to office/commercial use. A major overhaul of the roof was completed 3 years ago.

Textile Trim Shop – Downtown Toronto

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! We are currently presenting a one-time turnkey opportunity to become a part of downtown’s vibrant retail environment.  This outlet services a diverse customer base looking for distinctive trimming options for design purposes. A unique and extensive inventory allows the store to service a very particular set of patrons at this desirable location at a busy spot in the heart of downtown’s trendy shopping district. The business has an exclusive Canadian distribution arrangement with an upper-end offshore supplier. The owners wish to retire after 30 strong years of servicing the sewing community. The enterprise has been consistently profitable producing EBITDA of $100k per year.

Unique Learning Centre – West end Toronto

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! A well-established children’s learning centre with over 120 students has been helping students struggling with Reading, Writing and Math skills for almost 10 years. The centre’s specialized method of Direct Instruction is conducted one-on-one with all pupils. The Centre is located in an affluent neighbourhood where parents ensure that their children have the best possible educational help. The centre employs 8 who are all members of the Ontario College of Teachers and strives to provide the ideal learning experience to each child. This is a profitable enterprise that has provided a steady income stream for almost 10 years as a business.

Architectural Landscaping Firm in Southern Ontario

Another Ontario small business sold

SOLD! A business operating for over 40 years specializing in architectural landscaping is presenting a unique opportunity to a savvy buyer. A highly in-demand designer ready to retire, wishes to sell his business and stay on in a consulting capacity. The company is strongest in the area of outdoor construction projects but has also done interior renovations as well. With a highly skilled workforce of approximately 20 employees, the business has shown high profitability, and its reputation is stellar. It is currently poised and particularly well-positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities in the area of landscape maintenance. Although retirement is in his future, the current owner is willing to stay on for an indeterminate period of time as desired to lend his design expertise to the new venture. The enterprise is geographically located northwest of the city and caters its services to well-heeled clientele all over Southern Ontario.