Norm Sobel, Small Business Sale Broker

Norm Sobel, your local business intermediary and advisor

Norm Sobel, Ontario Business Broker

When it’s time to buy or sell your business, my work begins. I take the stress out of selling your business or buying a new one.

Leaving behind the work of a lifetime isn’t easy. Getting the best price for your efforts is not always obvious. And the paperwork is stressful, but essential.

I will work with you every step of the way to help you get the highest price in the shortest time possible.

I know business

My background is in manufacturing, import, distribution and services.

I’ve acquired several of these businesses.

I’ve owned several of these businesses.

I’ve exited several of these businesses.

And since then, I’ve helped hundreds of Ontario entrepreneurs like you sell their businesses for top dollar.

This experience has given me the expertise required to help you through your journey and assist you in exiting your business in style, as well as meeting your financial and personal goals.

As your Ontario business broker and intermediary, I work for you. I am the top business broker in Ontario, because I get results!

Let me work with you to build a successful exit strategy for your business! Book a consultation now.

My mission

To sell your business for the maximum value possible on the best terms.

My strengths

  • I build a strong relationship with you, the business owner
  • I listen to you, so that I am best able to represent your interests and meet your goals
  • I develop open, two-way communication with you throughout the process
  • I build trust and confidentiality with you that I am working solely for you and will represent your interests in getting the best value possible for your business

Want to sell your business for top dollar? Call me now.

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