Consulting Services Overview

Business consulting services to help you sell your business

As a small business owner when you get ready to sell your business, you want to find someone that not only can help you through the actual sale cycle of your business, but also is someone that can provide you with business consulting services and business coaching to help prepare your business so that you are able to obtain the best price for your business.

There are very few small businesses that have everything in place that is required to sell a business and achieve the maximum value. Most small business owners do not have the skills and time necessary to sell their business, as their day to day focus is still on operating and growing the business. For this reason, it is imperative to have a representative that is available and able to provide one-stop-shopping for all of the business consulting services that you and your business will require to be successful in selling your business!

Advisory services

Business assessment diagnostic

A business assessment diagnostic will delve into all areas of your business to help uncover areas of improvement which will increase the value of your business. It will uncover and document any areas of concerns along with offering the actual recommendations for adjustment required to achieve your business goals.

Business plan development

In many cases, small businesses do not have a current business plan that accurately describes the current business and future potentials. When selling your business, it is important that the buyer has a good understanding of the business they are looking to buy. For this reason it is important to develop a business plan if one does not exist or update the current business plan to include any changes that have occurred in the business since it was originally written.

Business price

It is important to have an understanding of a realistic price that a buyer will pay when it comes to your small business based on your industry, business history, and your business financials. I will work with you to understand what you can reasonably expect for your business based on all of these variables, as well as what can be done to help increase the price business through making some changes.

Services to buy a business

Though the main thrust of my business is on helping small business owners sell their business, I have experience in helping small businesses merge or acquire a business as well. I can help you find the right potential acquisitions and negotiate the terms you want as the buying organization.

Advisory and coaching services

I can help advise and coach you in all areas of your business and will work with you to establish your business and personal goals. I will as well work with you in setting proper expectations for yourself and your business throughout each step of the sale process.