Are you ready to sell your business?

Norm Sobel, Ontario Business Broker

Are  you are interested in selling your business?  I can help. My name is Norm Sobel, your local Ontario Business Broker.

My primary focus is selling business in Toronto and across the GTA. This includes cities like Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, North York, Oshawa and Burlington. But through Keystone Business Advisors Inc. Brokerage, we are licensed to sell businesses anywhere in Ontario, from Ottawa to Thunder Bay, from Niagara to Sudbury.  We serve businesses with $300K + in revenue.

What can we say about Norm. He was fantastic to work with, very professional. He found us numerous potential buyers and guided us through the process step by step. He always assured us we would have a successful outcome with the right buyer.

“He was always available for phone consultations and made himself available for appointments at all hours of the day or evening. He has superior negotiating skills and dealing with numerous offers helped us wade through many interviews with prospective buyers.

He held our hand and got us through to the end for a very successful sale. We just love Norm!”

Melody and Roland Palm

Ask me how we can increase your business value. Call 416-560-0545.

Sell your business for the best price

When you’re ready to let go of the one project you’ve poured your life’s energy into, you want a good price. There is no way to do this without preparation. Here are the business brokerage services I offer.

The first thing I will do is help you understand what a reasonable price range would be for your type of business in your industry sector, based on current market conditions. That’s the value of hiring a local business broker.

Next, I will coach you on improvements that could help you fetch the best price for your business.

Just because you are ready to sell doesn’t mean your business is ready to be sold.

Over a short period of time, we will help you increase the value of your business ahead of the sale.

I will market your business, find buyers and identify legitimate prospective buyers who meet the terms you desire.

Finally, I will negotiate with the buyer to get you the best terms possible…as well as the best price.


Sell your business fast

Speed is rarely the most important factor. Most entrepreneurs like you are more concerned with getting the best possible return on their investment. But you do not want the sales process to drag out.

My team and I work quickly to ensure no time is wasted. We will help you find a buyer for your business quickly.

Sell your business stress-free

The most important reason to hire a business broker or intermediary is to sell your enterprise with the least amount of stress possible.

Make no mistake, selling your business is one an entrepreneur’s the most stressful l experiences, and often one’s retirement depends on the results.

My job is to make sure that your business is in good hands, and that you know you will realize the maximum value of your assets and that all the paperwork and regulations are taken care of.


Trust and confidentiality

Two key components of the process when choosing someone to help sell your enterprise are trust and confidentiality.  It is essential to feel comfortable enough to have open, two-way communication.

I offer 100% confidentiality.

You do not want to alert your customers, employees, suppliers or even your bank until you are ready. It’s not a smart strategy to share that information before a deal is sealed. We will take all necessary steps to keep this process quiet and protect your identity.


Looking for an Ontario Business Broker?

Call me now to get top dollar for your business. I am Norm Sobel, Ontario Business Broker. I can help.